PAArquitectos was founded in 1969 by the architect Vicente Pérez Albacete. the studio has a lot of experience in all kinds of architecture and master plan projects in all these 45 years.

now our team is composed of young and experienced architects ang engineers with a new vision  we manage and control all the work processes, offering clients comprehensive management of the entire project.

the studio is complemented by  Croma Arquitectura, a global company dedicated to interior desing mainly.

Jaime Pérez Zulueta

Graduating from Madrid’s Escuela Técnica Superior of Architecture, Jaime complemented his undergraduate studies with a Master’s of Design Innovation at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and other postgraduate studies at New York University. He worked for ten years at PAArquitectos on unique projects such as the Teatro Circo Murcia (honorable mention at the XVI CARM Architectural


 María Pérez Zulueta


Graduating from Madrid’s Escuela Técnica Superior of Architecture and holding a Master’s in Building Pathology and Intervention, María has more than fifteen years of continued experience as a professional architect, in which she developed numerous projects and completed constructions with PAArquitectos. She is also specialized in the redaction of all types of reports: pathology and expert reports, and evaluations of buildings and energy certification.


more team

antonio ballesta _tecnical architect.  angel galera_architect.  carolina podio_architect. m.enrique albacete_electric engineer.  JOSE LUIS PEREZ ALBACETE_civil engineer   Joaquin zamora_photographer.   voo company_marketing and comunication .franCISCO escamez_technical  j. j. diaz_tecnical architect  teresa lozano_graphic designer SILVIA PARREÑO_ managment and marketing